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Accelerate your automotive career

The MTI is working to fuel careers in the automotive sector. We understand the skills that are driving the disruptive technologies behind connected, autonomous and electric vehicles, and we’re delighted to unlock the future potential behind these exciting opportunities.

With the MTI, you can progress from Level 2 apprenticeships up to higher and degree level apprenticeships, or study for qualifications up to PhD level. Whether you’re starting out in the industry or developing specialist and higher-level skills, the MTI is designed to support you on the journey.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown is eased, operations at the MTI are gradually returning in line with a new protocol that sets out changes to the working environment and introduces new ways of working to accommodate social distancing. Read more here about how we are keeping learners safe whilst studying with MTI.

Our Skills Escalator

The MTI Skills Escalator progresses from Level 2 apprenticeships up to higher and degree level apprenticeships, running alongside academic programmes up to doctorate level (8). The provision offers flexible delivery designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses, enabling students to progress through the levels and to move seamlessly between training partners.

The Skills Escalator is also complemented by accredited, non-accredited and bespoke CPD courses and sessions designed to suit the needs of the automotive and engineering sector.