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Heavy duty and off-highway vehicles are predominantly run on diesel and petrol yet in recent years, there have started to be developments in alternative propulsion systems for these vehicles as well as in the passenger car sector. They have longer duty-cycles to passenger cars and although this remains a challenge, there have been some organisations making steps forward with recent research into hydrogen and electric versions.

This event will cover the specific engineering developments for heavy duty vehicles including truck and bus as well as off-highway vehicles. Given the longer duty cycles compared to an average passenger car, these vehicles have very different needs and considerations in terms of their engineering.

Join this seminar to cover these developments, as well as updates on emissions compliance including Net-Zero targets by 2050 and and the impact of both on infrastructure and operations of commercial vehicles. Understand the key areas of development needed to successfully achieve greater performance and efficiency while meeting these emissions targets.

The event will focus on the following key areas:

  • Fuel and energy- diesel, hydrogen, methane, biofuel
  • Emissions compliance- is there a plan for Euro 7?
  • Low emission zones update
  • Infrastructure and operations angle- how will this provided for?
  • Autonomous side- how is this being developed, how will it impact the vehicle design
  • Cost-economics and how this works across the fleet

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