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Automotive Safety Case Development

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    1 day

    Study method

    This can be delivered either online or at the MTI – please contact us for further information.



    Course overview

    This course is aimed at engineers who have practical experience in applying ISO 26262 but who have no or little experience in the creation of an explicit automotive safety argument.

    Additional information

    HORIBA MIRA is heavily involved in an initiative by MISRA to develop a set of guidelines for the development of an automotive safety argument in the context of ISO 26262. HORIBA MIRA is now able to offer this experience and insight to external delegates ahead of the publishing of these guidelines in 2019.

    The course content will include: An introduction to the origin and topic of safety cases, an overview of the role that safety cases play in other domains (e.g. aerospace, defence, nuclear), a brief recap of the safety case requirements of ISO 26262, an overview of the basics of Goal Structuring Notation (GSN), a description of the MISRA layered argument model and its underlying theory and a worked example on the development of a safety argument.

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